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1573. By Iohannes à Deutecum, 34 c. by 50 c. This most interesting and important map is perhaps the earliest known. It is inscribed 'CYPRI INSULAE NOVA DESCRIPT', and appears to have been engraved for a French atlas of the period.
1584. By Ortelius (first attempt), small, inaccurate, uninteresting.
1590. By Mercator, inaccurate, uninteresting.
1600. By Ortelius (second attempt), copied from Iohannes à Deutecum, 39 c. by 49 c.
1635. By Blaeuw (picture right), 38 c. by 50 c. Republished in later editions. (Johannes Blaeu succeeded his father Willem when the latter died in 1638. Johan led the Blaeu firm, Amsterdam, Holland, to its greatest achievement, the ' Atlas Maior' in 12 parts, the greatest and finest atlas ever published).
1654. By I. Jaullon, Amsterdam, inaccurate, 34 c. by 47 c.
1660. By Somer, 40 c. by 50 c., inaccurate.
1720. By Sanson, interesting but inaccurate.
1747. By Iauna (Histoire de Chypre), 45 c. by 35 c., a very exact copy from lohannes à Deutecum of 1573. The majority of the village names are the same as at the present day, and marked in a fairly correct relative position.

During the latter part of the XVIIIth century and the XIXth century many maps of the island were published, ending with the English Ordnance Survey in 1882.

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Left: Philip CLUVER, Introductionis in Universam Geographiam...,Amsterdam 1661 & Johann Christoph BECMANN, Historia Orbis Terrarum, Geographica, Frankfurt & Leipzig 1707. 4to (203x165mm). Latin.

 Two distinct books bound together ; both deal with the history and geography of the world and were basic geography texts with wide circulation . Culver's Introductionis in Universam Geographiam includes a map of Cyprus . The book is a small Atlas of the world with 46 maps , one of each main country . It was first published in 1624 without maps and because it was well received it went through many issues in the 17th. And 18th. centuries . However , not all Cluverius' editions contain a map of Cyprus , and those that do , show four different versions . The present edition contains the third version of the map (see Fig. 44 , 1661) and it is of particular importance because it was published by Joannes Janssonius .